Thursday, January 23, 2014

inner soverignty

The concept of inner sovereignty really resonates for me; I see myself and those around me claiming it ever more deeply. What an exilerating, scary journey this is. This helped:
From: Lisa Rene
December 2013

When we identify what it is stimulating fear into victimhood, we stop giving it power over us. Second, one must leave all false beliefs of security, stability and protection as a measurement made in the material reality. This is the true understanding that money, houses, careers, bank accounts, credit ratings; marriages are not the real sense of one's security. To use any of these items as a life boat to feel secure and stable, is a total delusion of power which is eventually designed to fail. This is to break one's self esteem through continued betrayals of trust and calculated by the False King of Tyranny to create codependence, frailty and apathy. Many humans are learning this lesson in a very painful way during this cycle.  We must learn to identify the difference between the False King and the Holy Father in order to find true security, stability and grounded spirituality within...

Finding Base Security and Inner Stability
One must make a sincere effort to stop the delusion of basing one's self esteem being made on the appearance or assumption of outer circumstances. For many of us, this is our immediate task at hand, to be mentally and emotionally freed of being bullied, intimidated, and threatened against one's sense of inner security, stability, foundation and wellbeing. We must master this lesson with the Cosmic Holy Father. He is embodied here in matter to give us his hand in supporting this truth. It is only the Trinity of which leads us back to the inner One, that is our real security. That relationship is totally up to each of us. Only you can develop trust in that relationship with God, no one can do that for you on the outside.
The foundation of our lightbody is our form holding energetic blueprint which exists as the holographic Tree of Life. We are being pushed hard to surface that which has stunted our spiritual and personal growth which exists at the base levels or unconscious levels.  When we hold unresolved and unconscious pain in our base frequency, it weakens our entire foundation; it erodes the roots which hold the base of our personal Tree of Life...
When our power is used for the greatest good and in the service for others, when we dedicate ourselves to do the best we can every day to have aligned thinking, speaking and actions, the embodied spirit of these combined virtues give us massive inner spiritual strength. This strengthens our inner foundation and it is that spiritual strength which greatly blesses us to feel supported and progress on our consciousness path of mental and emotional freedom.
Inquiry Meditation on the Father Archetypes and directing one's Personal Power:
  • Where are you dissipating or wasting energy or time?
  • Does the inner and outer tyrant inflict self-torture? If so, how can you immediately change those thoughts and circumstances?
  • Do you understand and admit your weaknesses and realize how they can be exploited?
  • What is the motivation behind your thought processes and behaviors?
  • Where do you have issues of self-control which interfere with courage, determination and patience?
  • Are you willing to be the Force of Goodness and cultivate virtues and ethics to be the will to good?...

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