Monday, January 13, 2014

shifts in 2014

The shifts for me this year are so miraculous in areas i have struggled with for decades- sugar, overeating, not wanting to exercise, chaos and clutter. All of these areas have shifted miraculously almost at the stoke of midnight with the new year.I have exercised every day this year, only had 2 cappuccinos in a week and no sweets for over a week! Most days I spend about an hour clearing up the chaos and clutter that accumulated while I was in such intense transformation. I am also now able to easily move past my house and deck when I am home, to go onto the land or take a walk in the area. Before it felt as though moving beyond that space was just not really an option. (yea, strange i know and impossible to really describe). I was told I was astrologically beginning a new cycle in 2014 and sure feels like it. I see many of these things seemed to shift only in divine right timing, so learning a bit more patience. No big physical signs of abundance yet however just feeling more ease to do what I do when I do it and trust all will be well. What a relief!! This is just like a journal entry. My only message here is to remind myself and others to keep the faith. In so much of this, it seemed like I was getting no where fast. Then overnight such miraculous shifts. Hurray!

One of the biggest things I sense is supporting these shifts is S L O W I N G   D O W N! Seems so simple yet is making a huge difference for me. Also, whatever part of me arises in conflict, stress, fear, I love that part of myself like I am cherishing a beloved child, which is what I am doing, loving my scared inner young one back to  knowing she is safe

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