Sunday, March 10, 2013

reposting energetic tips for transformation

I feel called to repost some tips I got from a number of sources including including my own experience. Many of the tips come from Barbara  Marciniak's, Bringers of the Dawn.  The book, channeled from the Pleiadians, suggested a number of things to help us recalibrate to the new energy and minimize any adjustment pains.

 The tips are:
- begin each day with an intention of what you wish to experience that day. Declare what it is you desire to experience. Color it with as much emotion and feeling as possible. Imagine yourself as unlimited and living a life beyond your wildest dreams. Go for it! I intend each morning to have a joyful, loving, energized, delightful day, extending love at every opportunity. Spend five minutes defining your intent and your reality. If possible, do two more times. (Three systems I know use this technique.)
- deep breathing
- imagining a pillar of light pouring into your crown chakra and then spilling out through your solar plexus and creating a luminous egg of protection around you. I have also heard one should imagine the light as violet in color.
- When you feel any discomfit, intend that the energy be transmuted with ease, grace, safety and harmony. You can even say out loud, "I intend for this energy of fear, (anger, hate, despair, exhaustion) to be transmuted into light and love with ease..."
- ground yourself. Sit on the ground, place yourself in water, send time in nature, walk outside, exercise, yoga.
- get bodywork. Information is stored in bone and bodywork can help update you more quickly.
- trust and fully allow your emotions
- shift any belief that holds you in limitation
- process your "stuff" but don't dwell on it
- create an altar with symbols of your deepest intentions and dreams
- use stones, crystals, whatever gives you a sense of energy or power
- use music and sound to liberate yourself; toning as a group is extremely powerful
one more suggestion I offer with caution as I have heard pro and con on this one
- spinning to the left with arms outstretched, building up to 21 times (number suggested by the five rites) or 33 times (suggested by this book) to get your chakras spinning faster
I also recommend the book The Five Rites which is an ancient system intended to energize and revitalize the body. The techniques are spoken of as the fountain of youth. I have been doing them lately.
Just some quick tips to help you surf the waves of energy with more grace. Do your best to enjoy the ride!! 

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