Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!!


 (Just posted this on TWYH- for now stealing my own comment from there-more later as energy permits)

Still awaiting the resurrection phase. Feeling a lot of heaviness and lack of joy, tired of so many challenges and old obstacles to release. I think part of the challenge for me is thinking it would lighten up sooner. I have to say I have realized one of my greatest intents, family harmony and love yet still feel such heaviness. Hard to remember that just a few weeks ago I had weeks of actual joy and lightness. Why is it so much easier to remember the challenging times than the joyful times? I see all of us as such heros/heroines, true trailblazers. I scratch my head in wonder when people seem to just sail along. Trying to remember exactly why I made the soul contract to be an empath/ sensitive. On the bright side, had two gorgeous hugs yesterday and such loving sweetness with daughter. I have released one of my greatest challenges, being reactive to a family member when she “attacks” me. This for me is a ticker tape parade moment. Definitely keeps me totally committed to REmembering my true Identity cause I really get nothing else works. Had a huge addictive bout for some days- sugar and shopping can’t afford and boy it just is totally useless. Think I finally really got that one. Onward through the fog. Sending each of you a giant hug and wishing the energies of new life infuse every cell of your being with Love. big kiss, savannah (temple name- luscious earthy love wave)

just read this from Lee Harris's Facebook page and seems such a lovely Easter thought I want to repost- I don't have Facebook but am able to view his page anyway if anyone else wants to give it a peek

  1. None of you listening realize quite the affect you have had on the people in your lives. None of you. I will tell you of the affect you have had and still you will only meet me halfway, but that is OK. I just encourage you to take a moment now to feel the love you have given to the people in your world and bring in your mind’s eye an image up ahead of all of the people whose lives you have touched, all of the people who you have been around in your life. - Be aware that some of the choices you make will surprise you. Some of the faces that appear would not be faces you would believe you have affected. But you have no idea, truly, how much your love has multiplied in the world. ~~Ziadora through Lee, from Mother Freedom

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