Friday, March 8, 2013

embodied bliss- MOVE IT!!!

Amazingly, I have been in embodied joy much of the day. What a delight! (and what a change, ahem) It began this morning with my Nia class which is an exercise class based in joy. The theme was ease and a number of times I was able to totally get out of my head and pick up complicated moves without thought! Now, this for me is like you told me I could climb Mount Everest. As my body releases and embraces ease, I realize how armored I have been and this has created much stiffness and general lack of movement. As I embrace ever more of Who I am, this body armoring is disappearing. Now that I see how joyful it can be to move, it as though a whole new world is opening. It is a world I knew before the first Saturn return in my life. Before that my nickname was the dancing Hanson and I LOVED to dance. Yet as my issues, primarily in relationships, began to consume me, my joy and enjoyment began to disappear. My spirit dimmed. To see peeks of it returning is indescribably intoxicating. As I felt the joy of authentic movement, my body moving without thought to the music, a quiet rejoicing filled me as I felt myself return home to my own being. The fluidity and perfection, the RIGHTNESS of my movements was euphoric. 
The feeling has continued throughout the day. Right after class I had a mini miracle as I offered my old jacket from Ireland to anyone interested. I wanted to give my sentimental jacket to someone that would love it. I found someone who offered me exactly the nutritional counseling I am desiring in exchange! I almost fell out of my socks. The grace of this exchange was astonishing and more confirmation of what is shifting in our world.
I am reading everywhere that it is crucial we move our bodies so that we surf these energies more comfortably. That is certainly my experience. This from a committed couch potato for many years. Darlings, I know it may be the last thing you want to do, but get out there and shake your booties! While you are at it, be sure to drink plenty of water. Yes we can.


  1. LOVE this, Savannah! Absolutely beautiful! I, too, am one who loves to dance (I used to call my higher self "Dancing Moon") so this REALLY speaks to me! I'm thinking I just might look into this Nia stuff ~ another friend recommended it to me awhile back. Maybe now it's TIME! :) ♥

    Love and Sparkles,

  2. Dancing Moon,
    I highly recommend you give it a whirl. It has been a paradigm shifter for me. the bubbling fountain of joy is so delicious. I am actually thinking of getting a belt in it, now that is a mind blower for my long term coach potato self.
    hugs and kisses,