Sunday, March 31, 2013

Does how i feel determine my reality?

I just checked my blood pressure and it is exceptionally high as often happens when we are bombarded with intense energies. I am noticing the correlation to my body feeling bad and then my mind going nuts followed by my emotions heading south. I just watched a lot of Abraham UTubes and realize the classic mistake. I follow the line of energy of what I don't want and start to belief it until I am able to pull out. This piece was very effective for me, I may have posted it before: or google the biggest missing piece- abraham.

I saw the man focus dogmatically on what he doesn't want and argue for it. I have done this so often. So I know what conditions are making me feel less than good and  have been focusing on them with concern. I choose in this moment to take dominion of my mind and focus on what I desire and the Truth about myself. I am going for a quick walk and will see if my whole physical and emotional mood does not shift. I bet it will. Wish you could join me and chat about how delicious life is- we'd bust that bad boy mood in no time!

so what I realized on my walk is that of course it is my mind flipping my body out. I sometimes sail through the most intense energies with absolute joy. this time my mind is engaged in focusing on what I don't want so of course the energy magnifies that discord. I desire embodying joy. All that is not that arises and I get to choose whether or not to buy into it. Example: my toilets plug up frequently due to plumbing challenges and highly mineralized water. So I use to freak out and do the whoa is me/victim thing. Now I just assume that sooner or later I will clear the plug and guess what? I always do. so with my health questions I heard Abraham say, Do you ask the doctor what he thinks when you are freaked out?- no- you surely won't like the answer. Steady yourself and return to what he calls the vortex, center, Divinity  and create the answer you desire, then ask the question. Our former temple mama pulled this miracle off. She was told at around 40 years of age to close out her affairs as the lump they found was highly likely to be fatal. She cleared herself on every level for a month and when they operated it was completely benign. Miracle? Did it shift? Who knows but I say that is the way to go. With each of my concerns, I intend to focus more diligently on what I desire and see what unfolds. For sure this worry and fear does not work. My body feels calmer now after the walk and a storm is brewing outside. Perfect. I love the rare sound of thunder and most likely soon the beatific sound of the rain. Beloveds, these are not easy times to stay centered. I wish you power and grace as you do just that. Sending so much love to all of you. May we all feel the energy of resurrection rushing through our every cell.

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