Wednesday, March 20, 2013

happy spring

Happy spring! I understand great things are in store for us as the energies continue to support us in embodying Love and joy. Today is also the first official happiness day, sponsored by the United Nations. I would say that is a definite sign of planetary shift. We also have a new pope. As he is the head of the Vatican bank, the world’s largest bank, this too is momentous. I have been very well the entire month, with almost no duality and occasional blossoms of embodied joy. Now that is quite delectable.IAs I knew would happen, physical weight is evaporating off my body as I continue to embody greater self love and self acceptance.  I am awaiting further clarity on my next steps in more fully embodying my life purpose. I am intending and knowing that Love, joy and happiness are our birthright. May we know with every cell of our being that we are loving, lovable and loved and may that awareness burst forth with ease and grace. Sending you all so much love, savannah.

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