Saturday, March 23, 2013

energies of the equinox

Sending you much love navigating these latest fireballs of energy. In my world these energies created headaches, insomnia and a strong literal pain in my neck. In addition the chest bones above my heart keep literally cracking open repeatedly. My yoga teacher suggested it is a release of tension and this makes sense. I have literally hunched over much of my life in an unconscious attempt to protect my heart. As my own Essence is the only "protection" i need, I am able to stand up and pull my shoulders back, opening up my heart area. I have to lean backward and then there is a popping sound as something in my body releases its previous armoring.

This passage was so different from previous ones. In the past I would have had a story or gotten afraid. This time I merely allowed. I have not had a headache in many years and was able to remain the witness to the one that lasted days. My friend also has not had headaches for many years but had one the last days. I read on the Oracle Report the headaches and insomnia were the results of the massive influx of energy and light pouring in. It is like we received a lightening bolt of Love. 

Karen Bishops's posts spoke of other symptoms and how we can manufacture some of these symptoms in a self fulfilling prophecy type energy. I use to be very careful what i read as I witnessed that tendency in myself. Now that is gone.

I am happy to report I had no expectations of this shift. I definitely feel more peace and clarity but no big blast of love or joy. I am experiencing a quiet embodied bliss more frequently and I almost never feel anxious or overwhelmed which is so huge for me. My relationships are increasingly harmonious and intimate. I feel more  inner safety. Currently the only blip on my radar is regarding continuing my financial freedom yet being clueless how to live the life I want with the financial resources available. I see how busy my mind had gotten trying to come up with a plan. I woke up this morning after about the fifth night of very abbreviated sleep and read experts from The Course in Miracles/ Way of Mastery. I remembered a crucial lesson that I was told is the vital one for me- lesson 135 in The Course in Miracles. I must release all plans and trust to be guided by the inner Voice that directs me using the wisdom of the Universe. To be at peace and live the life I desire I must release my egoic planning and worrying and surrender to my own inner Knowing and allow the part of me that is One with the Divine to run the show. So far I have surrendered much in my life and it ALWAYS works. 
Now to surrender my finances, the one area where I have continued to both trust and control, still resting in duality. Feels like a big job yet I know I am up to it. The profound sleep I fell into very early this morning after grokking this truth confirms I am on target. That is always my sure proof I am on the right track. My loves, may the energy of the equinox bestow upon you a life beyond your wildest dreams!!

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