Tuesday, March 5, 2013

embodying joy, ending the mission impossible phase

The awarenesses are popping in fast and furious now. I am still absorbing all that I gained from those few weeks of rather torturous lessons. Nothing like a little resistance to make the whole thing more painful. Here's what I know for sure based on the intensity of the pain I experienced by not living by these truths.

- self love is critical and absolutely nothing that I experience is an excuse to withdraw my own love and acceptance

- it is me that limits my own sense of belonging and connection

- one of the primary ways I did that was by rejecting the parts of myself that feel vulnerable, lost, afraid, unhappy; I am no longer willing to reject myself for any reason

- it is absolutely critical that I trust this process and know that whatever arises is serving me by providing an environment that induces understand and liberation therefore it is essential I surrender and accept what arises; to do otherwise limits the process and induces much greater pain

So lately I have felt mild depression and minimal joy. Given that I learned the lesson above, I am not experiencing this as punishment for being a poor student, I am recognizing that it is the Universal energies kindly supporting me in my powerful intent to live in embodied bliss. So this time I am saying YES and allowing it to unfold however it must to free me. This time I am writing myself love notes as reminders to have faith when the shit hits the fan. This time I am not going to view this release as a cruel penance for previous errors rather as a gift to bring me to my heart's desire. I have no idea what the intensity of this month's energies will bring yet my intuition tells me I am being set up to release the next level of blocks to joy. I intend for it to unfold with ease and grace.

A few years ago the idea of living in embodied joy ON EARTH *@^&((*&%$#@! would have been mission impossible to me. No way! Lola Una Verse was buried in beliefs that life on earth is no fun and the best thing was to blast out of here. I have cleared many of those beliefs and am like a bulldog on a pork chop, knowing embodied bliss is not only possible but inevitable for me. So what's a few little bumps or even atomic blast on the road. I say YES! let's just get on it with it and clear whatever dross is still in my way. I am absolutely willing for the process to be filled with Divine blessings of ease and trust. Whatever it takes. Wish me luck! Ready, set, dive!!!!


Like I said, the awarenesses are coming in fast and furious. The minute I posted I smelled the rat of a rotten belief, that this releasing has to come with Suffering with a capital "S". No thanks! Letting that bad boy go here and now. I was semi catching it as I wrote but there was still an undertow I intend to release completely. 
It will be what it will be 
yet I intend to know 
all can release with ease and flow!!!

Explains the energies of the month and some tips for how to sail through. Bit intense so don't look at it if you are feeling overwhelmed.

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