Saturday, August 31, 2013

spinning the joy thread still

As I am writing this, someone is reading one of my blog's so my visitors now number 10,001, a number I once looked forward to. (I  regret most of you don't show up on my little globe as I love seeing where each of you is from.) Now so often what once held me no longer feels significant. I shift so often I never really know how I'll feel about one thing or another. I was pleased to see two people today looked at my post about the poem spinning the joy thread, Dec. 21, 2010. I had that poem pop in my head earlier today, probably as someone was looking at it here. This is happening with greater frequency. Someone pops in my head and a minute later they call. I see someone about to do or something, and seconds later they do or say what I had just imagined. Fascinating.
I am here to share again about joy. Two awarenesses fell into my lap. For now I just want to say that the feeling of joy has left me high and dry for now. I find that loss to be one I grieve. Yet one of the things that always brings me delight is to greet a fellow sister or occasional brother (right now that is my experience) spinning the joy thread. I recognize them immediately. Their energy proceeds them. I saw a woman I have never seen before at NIA yesterday. Her exuberance spilled from her eyes and I was heartened by it. I thank all you unseen borthers and sisters for contributing to my joy, wherever you are on the planet, by sharing your own bliss. Thank you for the bottom of my heart.

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