Friday, August 23, 2013

miracles and slowing down

We are in the midst of radical change. Apparently August 25th is a pivotal turning point. I am noticing so many tiny miracles showing up in my life and the lives of those around me. One simple example. My daughter's phone charger was at her dad's and she felt desperate to have it. We stop to get a coffee and the town is having a street fair. We walk over for a peek and what are they selling very inexpensively? phone cords. Need a parking space in Tahoe? no problem.  Some information? Next person happens to mention the answer. And so on.

I also feel like I drank 50 coffees, speeded up to hyper drive. With the speed of such radical change, I highly encourage you to keep it simple, rest as much as possible, spend time in nature, immerse yourself in water and most of all-
S L O W   W A Y  D O W N!! Keep it as simple as possible and give yourself the space and time to have your body adjust to the incoming light. Sending so much love.

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