Wednesday, August 28, 2013

joyous water

I am writing to thank all the water which has added so much joy to my live. Clear Lake in Indiana gave me some of the greatest happiness of my childhood and was like a parent to me. My many adventures scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming have been one of the most sustained sources of joy for me. I am so grateful to my sister Yuba, mother ocean and sister waterfalls. I know I sound like a tied dyed hippie but they do feel like relations to me. I have posted some new photos below of the Mediterranean Sea in Piran, and a waterfall on the Yuba. These are two place that have brought me extraordinary bliss and helped me integrate the intense transformation initiated by all the light flooding the planet.
My intent is to honor all the connection I have felt, the joy, the mood altering celebration I have known immersing myself in the glorious waters of Gaia.

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