Monday, August 12, 2013

100 Euro miracle territory

I want to chat about the magic that is in the air. I am finding myself more able to catch my mind trying to trap me in limitation and bust through those illusions. One example illustrates this perfectly.
My sister (out law) found a wonderful place for us to do a ropes course in the trees. We've done it before and loved it. I had just been to the bank and didn't want to carry my purse. My smallest bill was 100 Euro. I stuck it in my camera case. I then got distracted while I convinced the people that we did not need to do the safety lecture again. We went on our merry way and had a fantastic afternoon, not freaking as the wind began to blow and rain splashed us. The rain stopped, the wind died down and all was well. Until we were leaving and I remembered my 100 Euro. Opps. I had pulled out my camera in the trees and bye-bye 100. Initially I felt stupid and silly for forgetting it but NO OTHER REACTION STIRRED IN MY BODY. Now 100 Euro is between $125 to 140 depending on the exchange rate. No small amount especially on my budget.
I watched myself rather stunned at my neutrality. The place was just closing but we found an employee who helped us search, gallantly offering to swing through the zip lines peering down maybe 40-50 feet to try to spy my folded green Euro. Didn't seem too plausible and, not surprisingly, he didn't find it. I told him (Herr Holzer, forgot his first name) I wanted to leave my phone number in case anyone found it. He said, sorry, if someone finds it, you can forget it, you'll never see it again. I said with absolute conviction, sorry, but you are wrong. If someone finds it I WILL get it back. The only question, which seemed highly implausible given the vast canopy and ground of vegetation, was would it be found.
We went off to dinner and I throughly enjoyed myself, convinced one way or another I get my money back. I WAS CERTAIN. Both my daughter and Irmgard looked at me with more than mild skepticism but I didn't let it affect my great mood.
The next day at lunch the call came. A 14 year old boy had found it on the path and turned it in. It seems that the only way it could have happened is that I took a photo high in the air at the only point the rope course crossed the path far below. I whopped so loud some of you may have heard it around the globe. I was thrilled to get the money back. I was more thrilled to get a powerful taste of the magic and unlimited possibilites of aligning with the abundance of our true natures.


  1. Welcome back! So good to read of your adventures and life-ideas again. I'm happy to hear your sabbatical was mostly a great experience.

    And what a great 14-year-old!

    Big hug...


  2. thanks!! hope you're having a good summer. Yes, so grateful to that 14 year old for helping me maintain my faith in humanity.