Friday, April 13, 2012

more miracles

I am off to the Bay Area (San Francisco) for a workshop called Undefended Love. Another love miracle today. I feel the holy relationship gripping me and it is sweet nectar, looking into the eye's of the Beloved with a heart overflowing.  It is bursting with love- as I set my foot on the earth I feel it speak to me, whispering, "here is holy ground.". I am speaking to plants who quite honestly often complain- "I'm thirsty, I'm too hot, why does she get more sunlight than me?" You get the picture. I love to cuddle with my silky soft bunny, have her tickle me with her whiskers. More miracles landed in my lap today. Just spoke to someone who has chosen what the course calls "special" love and I see how devastating it can be, how euphoric then heartbreaking. If any of you are caught in that energy, know that there is absolutely a place where love resides 24/7, can never be taken away or diminished- it is inside of you. Will you take my word for it until it is your direct experience? No matter how long or twisted the path, keep the faith. I know my challenges are probably not over  but today I KNOW it is all worth it. If you get scared know I am one of many holding your hand.

My friend Karin wrote this poem- partially in honor of the huge shift I am experiencing moving one of my relationships from special to holy.

What Miracles?

Is the time ever right for any thing.
Not soon enough when we're in trouble.

Are we looking at life through the eyes of innocents.
Not soon enough when we're in agony.

Are problems real at any given time.
Not soon enough when we're addicted to them.

Is time ever right for being gracious.
Not soon enough when we surrender.

Is innocence the beauty to behold.
Not soon enough to be initiated.

Is spirit teaching us to surrender.
Not soon enough when ego is rescinded.

Is the body telling us to identify with itself.
Not soon enough when we rediscover who we are.

Is the mind ruling us through ego.
Not soon enough when we understand what the heart is.

Are we learning to feel and be guided by the heart
not soon enough to shed illusions.

Are we ready for miracles 
Not soon enough we've discover our essence.

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