Sunday, April 8, 2012


I wish you a strong feeling of rebirth this Easter. I am feeling reborn especially considering where I was a year ago. A year ago on Easter I ritualistically severed myself apart from my marriage, literally tying our wrist together then cutting us apart. It was an extremely difficult and sad day. It is astonishing to me how differently I feel now, how many riches this year has brought and how much more clear I feel about what love is for me. I feel these last years have cleared away so many obstacles, given me so much more spaciousness, presence and joy.
I am stealing this idea from my friend Kate. I want to invite you to participate in a contest to win a free Cellular Memory Release session with me. It is the work I do professionally and is about releasing challenges at the cellular level through verbal guidance. In order to enter you must have access to a phone and be able to call California for 90 minutes. (Most countries have phone cards if you live outside the United States.) You must be able to do so during certain hours, primarily mid day (10am-1pm) weekdays (not Thursday) with the exception of Monday where I could do late afternoon or evening Pacific Daylight Time. You must be able to speak and understand English. O.K. Those are the restrictions. The contest: to do something loving toward another person, animal, plant, mother Earth and write me an email telling me what you did. My daughter and I will then arbitrarily decide which loving act was the most powerful, with the most impact. The session value is $150 US. To look up information on Cellular Memory Release go to:   Send your entry to   You can also let me know if you have any questions. If your entry is chosen, you will have the choice to have me publish it on my blog or not. End date is May 7th my birthday. I am doing this with the hopes of spreading love around the world and creating regeneration and rebirth. It will also be a wonderful present for me and I love presents!! Beloveds, may you feel renewed and filled with hope and clear vision this Easter. May you know you are loved. Enjoy the contest!!!


  1. Yay, Savannah!!! Of course you know I LOVE this idea! And YOU, Dear Sister!
    You are a treasure.

  2. I knew you would- in honor of you, my sweet!!