Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Course in Miracles

I often write about A Course in Miracles. I just came across these notes I once jotted down to summarize some of my key learning from A Course in Miracles; perhaps they are of interest to others.

- We are children of God and as such are Identity is assured.
- All pain comes from separation, from forgetting our True Identity. 
-There are only two emotions, love and fear. 
-The ego's most prized gift is the special relationship where we fill our hole with someone or something from the outside. We are willing to do anything for our special relationship until that person or thing no longer seemingly fulfills us and then it turns into a special hate relationship.
- In a holy relationship we recognize ourselves and all that we meet as the Beloved, as whole. as Divine. By greeting the Divine in another we declare it in ourself. The holy relationship is the Holy Spirit's answer to the special relationship.
- The Holy Spirit is God's liaison between us and God. We must turn to the Holy Spirit within us whenever we feel caught by the ego. We can notice in our bodies that we are caught by the ego whenever we do not feel peace, joy, love. This is the signal that we are operating from ego. We call in the Holy Spirit to return us to  Love.
- In Rules for Decisions we decide ahead of time what kind of day we want. We set our intention for the day and agree to make no decisions by ourselves but to be always be guided by the the Holy Spirit, to surrender to the will of God which is our own will. We do not perceive our own best interest because we can not see the big picture. Therefore we are not capable of knowing what will bring the best outcome and thus turn over all decisions to the Divine within. When we notice we are upset, when we feel discomfort in our bodies, we know that we are trying to decide for ourself. Therefore we return to our intention for a peaceful day and ask the Holy Spirit for help. If we feel any resistance, we can acknowledge to ourself that we don't like how we are feeling and therefore hope we are wrong about what will work for the day and thus again assert our willingness to surrender and be guided. Anytime upset occurs we either willingly return to the guidance of our Divine Self or we admit that we don't like how we feel and at least hope the Holy Spirit can help us find our way back to joy and peace and therefore we are again willing to accept guidance.
- Forgiveness is the key to our freedom, to our return to love. Through forgiveness, we see our brother as sinless and therefore reclaim our Wholeness. If we hold our brother at fault, we forget Who we are. If we see our brother as sinless, we see our Self as sinless and therefore remember our Wholeness. To defend ourself invites attack, to attack another always results in a loss of Identity.
- Anytime we are not experiencing love, we ask the Holy Spirit for help.
- Anytime we see a brother or sister not experiencing love, we recognize they are in the grips of fear. We offer them and therefore ourselves the antidote, which is always love and we therefore affirm our True Identify as Divine. Everything, and I mean everything no matter how upsetting or vile it may appear, that is not Love, is a cry for help. To attack a brother or sister or to defend ourself, no mater how seemingly provoked, always involves a loss of Identity.
- Each of us has a special function. To fulfill that function will bring us the peace and love we yearn for, will greatly expedite our Remembering Who we are.
-Offer only love and Remember Who you are.
- To recognize fear  and face it without disguise is a crucial step in undoing the ego. pg. 217
- "When you want only love you will seen nothing else." pg. 231

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