Friday, March 16, 2012

inspiring true stories

My wasband warns me that when I don't take the time to craft my blogs, they do not read very well. So I use to be worried that if I post something quickly that is not well written, which is often the case lately, I may lose new readers who are turned off by my poorly constructed words. It is with a great sense of glee I release that judgment and say, c'est la vie. I want to share these stories that I wrote down super quickly. Be forewarned, if your eyes can't handle less than stellar writing- look no further!! your eyes could be damaged irrevocably!!

Two stories of using love to make change. Long story short- guy buys land to do organic farming. Finds out he is surrounded by uzi toting drug lords who threaten him and his family, even driving a motorcycle into their living room. He and his family BAKE THEM COOKIES and they start getting along- do you love it!

Second- guy sees a man trying to rape a woman, asks him if he can help him- the rapist who then pulls a knife on the guy who calmly asks again if he can help him. Woman gets away and rapist runs off- guy follows him and invites him to his house for a meal!! Rapist comes, calms down and turns himself around.

OK., last inspiring story. Guy rides the wave of the tsunami all the way in and lands back at his hotel- love this as a metaphor- kids we've got to ride the waves, no matter how high they get. I am hearing a lot is coming down for people in the last day- definitely some big energy- hang in there my loves.

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