Wednesday, March 7, 2012

full moon


The fur is flying- solar flares, full moon, equinox energies building, etc. I sure feel it in my body yet for the first time I was able to NOT label it as anxiety even though it FEELS like anxiety. Wow, that really makes a difference. It still feels uncomfortable but then I am not afraid of it. Epsom salt or sea salt baths with lavender oil or bath salts, a lit candle and the moon through the window help me mitigate these energies.

So much energy is moving through me I can't articulate clearly. Yet I want you to know I am sending out love waves. I hope you feel them. To help those of you who may not feel it strongly, I want you to put your fingers on your keyboard across the letters I- l-o-v-e. I wanted to add you but my fingers couldn't pull it off. Place your fingers on those keys and know that you are lovable, loving and loved. See you on the other side of these energies. Know that they are clearing us of what no longer serves us. No fear.

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