Tuesday, January 3, 2012

role New Zealand plays

New Zealand this is for you- the information is super out there yet my intuition told me to share it especially with you and with anyone else interested. Seems you are sitting in a very powerful energy of transformation- can you feel it? Here is the link for the VERY long and rather bizarre but interesting blog- be forewarned, it's really out in left field:

To help facilitate this facet of the Divine Plan the Company of Heaven asked us to take a group of Lightworkers to New Zealand. The reason we were asked to travel to New Zealand is because of the critical role that sacred land is playing in Earth’s Ascension process. Pulsating within the Etheric Realms above New Zealand is a complex of Temples that serve as the Elemental Training Center for all of the Elemental Beings serving the Earth. These are the Beings who cocreate and sustain the physical substance that comprises the physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies of Mother Earth and Humanity. The Elohim and the Directors of the Elements are presently training 5th-Dimensional Elemental Beings who will reinforce the battered and abused Elemental Beings serving the Earth at this time. The 5th-Dimensional Elementals will assist in cocreating the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.
Another reason New Zealand is playing such an important role in Earth’s Ascension process is that she receives the first impulse of Light for every new day on the planet. This meant that the first frequencies of 11:11:11 would enter the planet through New Zealand and then spread around the globe in a wave of resplendent Light.
The Beings of Light revealed that the North and South Islands of New Zealand serve as the Hands of Mother Earth. We receive and transmit energy through our hands, and every acupuncture meridian associated with our Chakra system is represented within the acupuncture pressure points in our hands. The Light flowing through our Chakras and acupuncture meridians is from our Father-Mother God. It is our Lifeforce, and it nourishes and sustains every cell, gland, muscle, organ, and function of our physical body. This is our Gift of Life that allows us to live, move, think, and breathe in the physical plane.
When we receive Light through our hands it is transmitted through every acupuncture meridian to help unblock the areas in our body that are having trouble receiving and assimilating the electronic Light substance from our Father-Mother God. The Hands of Mother Earth likewise receive and transmit Light through her Crystal Grid System to help unblock the areas in her body that are having trouble assimilating the Light of God.


  1. Kia-ora - How interesting that you should post this as I have been following your other site but am too shy to join :)

    I hail from Gisborne New Zealand, and we are the first city to see the light. I had an interesting experience in the early hours on the 11.11.11, where in dream form I went to the back of my property and started to ascend - but broke the connection as fear entered into me - the thought was "what will I do in 5D?" Haha, silly me! I woke up right after having that thought, fell back to sleep and had the same dream, the only difference this time, as I ascended, I could see other beings ascending also. It was like we were all in our own separate columns of light. And you got it, I woke up again.

    Suffice to say, I believe I ascended and chose to be here to help others awaken. I am Maori and it is said that we are a spiritual people, but what good is being spiritual if one is asleep? I personally believe it has nothing to do with race, culture or breed. It has to do with how awake and aware one is and recognising one's own power and KNOWING that all one has to do is follow your own Higher Self.

    Thank you for reading my comment - I wish you and your readers love and light...

  2. I am so glad you had the courage to speak up! I visited your fair country and was in Christchurch New Year's Eve 1991-92. Your contry is beautiful. I agree race, country etc. is just one factor of multiple influences. My daughter is part Mayan and that is very exciting for me if only symbolically.

    What an incredible dream. I read on the other site so many people are having amazingly healing dreams. I seldom remember mine but think I will set my intent to remember as I have in the past. Yes, recognizing our own power-this is key. Power is my primary word for this year. I need it (you'll see why if you read my next post). Thanks for the help with the awakening- I get the sense we all need all the help we can get.
    I got a Maori carving while I was there. I was thinking about it the other day for the first time in years. I sure hope I find it- it disappeared in one of my moves.
    If you have any wisdom, thoughts, dreams and so on to share, I'd love to hear from you again. big hug savannah

  3. Thanks for that Savannah,
    here in New Zealand Maori are known for their spiritual connection..and yet it amazes me how many of our people have shut down to it.

    Maori carvings are infused with a lot of spiritual meaning...much like crystals, but more so. If you were given one (a carving) and it is misplaced, fear not, it will find you when you need it...and I'm picking it's soon because you have posted a thread about New Zealand (that is the first clue) and now you are asking yourself,
    where it might be.

    The connections are there all around...it's like reading the messages. I believe I was brought here to your site for that very fact...I came across your writings through Radharani Blossming, yet I am too shy to post there...ahh we are all interconnected :)

    Light upoun Light..
    Gisborne reader

  4. Sweet Gisborne reader,

    I thought of that. I have one that is shaped like a whales tail- possibly made of bone. This I know I will find. But I vaguely remember a more spiritual carving possibly of jade. I see it as though in a dream. Did I actually own it- bought it- or just think of it? I'm not sure. Yes, for me the interconnections get stronger and stronger. That someone in South Africa swims in the sea while holding my image, that I connect powerfully with a man in Belgium, correspond with someone in Holland, that you with your rich spiritual ancestry chose to speak up because I had the intuition to post that information about New Zealand, that something lead me to that post- it gets more interesting and unified. More and more people are checking my site and then I feel more and more inspired to pass on the wisdom I have been blessed with by my teachers. So exciting! Please pass on any wisdom you may have gathered from your ascension experience or from your life. I hope you are right about the carving reappearing. I sense it has something to impart to me.

  5. Hello...How bizzare..

    "I have one that is shaped like a whales tail- possibly made of bone."

    Gosh, now this is really out there..I was given a pounamu (greenstone) pendant from my daughter and partner..(partner at the time), of a whales tail.

    It never made sense to me, because I had always said if i was to be ever given something, i wanted it to be a traditional pendant..more on the lines of a huge teardrop, (which has another meaning all together).

    So when I received my whale bone pendant, I went "whaat??"

    And I loved it! and disliked it! All in the same breath.

    You are the first person, after 10 years, to have a connection to this 'said' piece. No-one has ever commented on it...and it is a beautiful piece of work..

    All I can say to you, is a whale-tail carving, is not the norm, for a Maori carving.

    Perhaps you can enlighten me about this...given that you received one also. (and it is not a traditional Maori piece to give or receive)

    In love and light
    Ms Gisborne :)

  6. Ms Gisborne,
    I'm not sure if my situation is the same asI bought the piece but here is the meaning I found when I looked it up:
    Whale Tail is a symbol of Freedom, Strength, and Joy Within a Beautiful Spirit.
    Sounds good to me. I had the pleasure of seeing whales very close up in Mexico and their tails are extremely powerful and somehow beautiful. They allow great motion. I like the feeling. I now can't remeber if I ever actually bought a pounamu piece or just considered it. The curious thing is I see the piece clearly in my mind's eye. It is a carving of a face with big round eyes and a round mouth- I believe it is very traditional. I can't get tthe picture out of my head- now what to make of that?
    I sure hope I find one or both pieces. Do you wear yours?

  7. Just found this too...

    Maori designs carry a spiritual meaning as well. In this case, the Whale Tail Pendant incorporates the Maori Friendship Twist ( signifying the everlasting love or friendship between two people) and the Whale Tail, a symbol of strength but sensitivity.

  8. Now I am on a quest- I think it was a pounamu Tiki pendant.