Thursday, January 5, 2012

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I woke up this morning crystal clear. Apparently what felt like a half baked surrender is already working. Here's what I got: For the last year or so I have worked on my physical reactions to emotional states. I recognized this is where the rubber hits the road (American slang for taking action) to free myself. I had to FULLY allow whatever came up in my body to be free of it. Now I wish I could promise you that you only have to dive into it once to be free. Yet my experience is that the deeper the charge, the more entrenched the pattern, the more times I have to plunge into the feeling tone of it. Now this is so counter-intuitive that it takes real courage to do it. I know it is like I am telling you- look out- you're on fire- here's how you can do to put out the fire- run straight into it-WHAT?!?!?@##%#$^%&^&**(* *&&^%$@! Yes, that's it- run straight into the fire to put it out. Well I have allowed myself that depth for many years now and for the last few I even stopped resisting but could dive into the deepest agony without flinching EXCEPT... not when it is a purely physical experience. I have trained myself to do it when it is a physical reaction to an emotion yet if it is a physical experience that seems to arise out of no emotion, arise more or less spontaneously (perhaps planetary wide frequency shift or whatever) then I freak out and RESIST with all my strength. Now my guides had assured me the energy would shift for me in 2012. So when I felt overwhelmed again yesterday I wanted to throw in the towel. I mean come on! But then I got it as I woke up- I am not following my own advice with this one- I am resisting rather than embracing. I must turn in to even this, allow it fully, totally embrace it when it appears strongly in my body. Then of course I have to do a clean up job, shifting my beliefs. One belief I had was- this will never end. another- I can't handle this etc. So clean those up. Finally then a twinge of discomfort comes, I can shift my vibration consciously to peace, joy whatever, as Abraham and others suggest. For me it is a dance, an art to know when to pull out what tool from my tool bag.
Now the miracle is that when we do this, it WORKS! Many of us are suffering so much that we are highly motivated to shift- this works. I had about six things happen yesterday that would have flipped me out even six months ago and now they just floated right past me. Here's the beauty, the miracle- I had NO BODY RESPONSE to the trigger, my body remained peaceful! Now for me this is worth working toward. I mean some really unpleasant stuff where I had zero reaction. So guess what, the triggers passed quickly and I imagine in future won't even arise in my world. Now this is liberation.
I am going to re quote my blog about responding to anger because this is what woke me up with a huge ahha moment.

 the FIRST step when you find yourself before such (difficult) energies, is to remember WHY they are dong what they are doing. A simple rule of ALL expressions is this: 'What is not Love IS Fear, and nothing else.'
The one before you is literally screaming in Fear, and is crying out for its opposite: Love.
A major shift in our journey occurs when we come to recognize that our OWN fear-based ego meets such expressions with the following: a physical contraction and thus loss of breath, along with a 'bracing' of the muscles. Immediately, the mind JUDGES, for it perceives itself being attacked. It then moves to DEFEND via any number of strategies, 
including doing the same things!

I highly recommend rereading that blog on anger (post on 1/2/12) as many times as you can. This is a beautiful explanation of how to free yourself. And don't worry bout how long it took me, the energies are moving much faster now so all of you may be able to breeze through this much more quickly than I did.
I have been so blessed with so many gifts; the gift of time, of financial freedom and of fabulous teachers. It is my great purpose and passion to share my blessings with the world, to honor my gifts by extending them, hence this blog. I wish to honor my three amazing teachers here:
Mary Hulnick who loved me enough to help me begin to remember how to love myself
Luis Diaz who taught me how to dive into my pain and shift my beliefs
and Karl Kempler who is teaching me to trust and turn to Universal energies, to surrender to a Higher energy that KNOWS how to heal whatever arises. His partner Jan beautifully brings in the more feminine energies to the teaching. I extend my external gratitude and honor each of you by sharing everything I have learned. Blessings.

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