Sunday, January 1, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012- power words, symbol and intentions

I already started on my intentions and my symbol this year is snake. I have one of my words for the year following my annual tradition and it is POWER. I like to choose two or three so also under consideration are creativity, unity, balance and dance- we'll see what unfolds. Feel free to share your intention, symbol or word/words for the year. I am glad we have arrived in 2012. I want to give a special welcome to Ireland. Most of my ancestors were Irish and I feel a great love for your country, especially after my visit in 1989.
I have the feeling this will be a very magical year. I celebrate each of you and wish you joy and magic in the coming year.

1/2/12 I woke up this morning with the word unlimited so that will be a keeper- I sense it will be four words this year- why not be unlimited- I sense the other two will be unity and dance but not yet 100% clear.

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