Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wildfire and Kundalini

Since Thursday potent energies are coursing through me. I have had three significant pain-body releases one of which was huge and extremely primal. Since Friday I have had strong Kundalini/ sexual energy dancing across my body. I feel a fierce pressure in the frontal lobes of my brain and at the top of my head. I'm laughing almost uncontrollably, I'm crying with anguish. I'm topsy turvy. I say again, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore. Something is a foot and having it's way with us. At times it feels like a wildfire is burning in me that will not be quenched until it has burned away all that is false in me. The feelings made me remember one of the most powerful poems I have ever read, written by a friend- the poem made my hair stand up on end when I first read it. My friend has generously given me permission to reprint it here.

Going into the dark to raise a fire, 
a wild fire; I’ll pour gasoline and 
ransack the forest for fuel 
hacking down trees, axe swinging wildly 
burn it all in a fire pit 
But the shape smothers my blaze 
so I kick down its walls, stoke my fire with paper bills 
and with the words that catch susceptible minds 
unleashed flames pirouette in treetops 
my fire grows free for all to see 
but there’s more to burn, more to set aflame, I’m not finished 
While I dance wildly the faceless men appear 
and as they reach for me I falter, “Maybe they know best” 
maybe I’m out of control, a madwoman, a destructive force 
and then a howl tears through me 
not like a dog, or a wolf, or a pack of wolves 
but like a prehistoric man, blood frozen through time 
thawing now after ages out at sea, roaring to life 
with the sound of a thousand hooves beating hardened tundra 
I’m wet with effort and smell like electric earth 
a bolt of lightning reaching across a dark prairie sky 
I am translucent flame licking the heels 
of the faceless men who cannot save me 
(though they’ve tried to keep me from myself) 
they spit and sizzle away until one hazy shape remains 
and I stand before him, a firestorm 
slice open my centre, watch my insides fall like icicles 
to pierce the ground beneath my feet 
that spread now like roots to the earth’s core 
I scoop out flames and pack them in the empty space 
and I burn like night-time stars, like rebirth after destruction 
They call this madness, they call this danger, they call this 
a fire burning out of control, uncontainable 
as they crawl beneath fire blankets weeping
frosty tears and bartering for their lives 
I call this strength, fire of the human spirit WILDFIRE 



  1. What a passionate poem!!! I'm so glad to have found others who understand EXACTLY what's going on with me ~ Thank Goddess for each other!!! Love to you, Savannah!

  2. Right back at ya sister- these are some wild waves to ride- more fun riding with friends!!! Yes, the poem sizzles like I have been doing lately- how is it for you now?