Monday, December 19, 2011

fire hose

O.K. kids, feel likes there are some wild energies on the loose. I just made this post on another site and decided to transfer it over here since it seems to be the hot topic. A friend said she is trying to keep a hold of the fire hose of energies and not spraying the dark energies all over while holding on to the energies of passion and creation. Just a quick post to hopefully shed some light on how to work with these intense energies that sometimes want to spew out of our mouths.

My comments: "This is what I have learned works- you don’t express it (to the person), you don’t repress it (by not feeling it) you allow it, let the waves of energy wash through your body. Then if you have a trusted companion you can do Gestalt where you go back and forth yourself speaking out both sides of the upsets; speaking to the person who triggered the upset, then speak back as the person.  Or you can just let fly by yourself or better still with a witness. Our fifth charka needs that energy up and out and it can be very healing to say what you need to say- just not to the person. Make sense? Or you can write the upset down and then burn it- great release. So that’s my mini Cellular Memory Release lesson for today. After releasing the charge, you my want to speak directly to the person, setting a boundary, making a request etc. But in my experience, a charged exchange always ends up with attack/ defense and gets us no where."

Then here's a quote my friend has generously allowed me to use from the other site:
Bright Laughter said, "I'm feeling that this is *may be* like the energy I'm experiencing... when the feeling of desire/want merges with the energy of the heart... HOLY SH*T WATCH OUT! Watch where you're pointing that thing!! If you don't understand what your spiritual heart is wanting or needing then you don't know where to point that laser of intense energy...and also it seems to be sensitive to the "touch" meaning it can be triggered...I imagine it like a "That's not what I f*cking want, get away!" if it's pointing or being used for something our spiritual heart doesn't want.
So I'm expecting reactions to be pretty intense right now from many people and it is some intense energy to wield. If scattered, it can fling sh*t from wall to wall like a firehose gone wild...but if properly directed (not controlled...can't control what happens or how it happens) towards our spiritual heart's true desire...then it HAULS ASS and progresses things. But trying to get ahold of a firehose? 

All I know for we are ALL going to be getting some lessons in forgiveness of ourselves and others as we try to gain some direction of our firehoses (hehe...that didn't sound quite right...but I'm leaving it )

and the rest of my comments "for me discernment is noticing if something works for me or not; judgment is saying this or that person or situation is bad or wrong. If I judge, I get the toxicity; if I don't use discernment, I get it too. So what I have found is to use discernment to recognize whether something serves me or not. I don't drink polluted water because it is not good for me- I didn't read harsh, critical comments that use "honesty" as a way of spewing judgment- why would I do that to my precious self? 

In the meantime, I notice if I respond to harshness with a closed heart, I have lost. I am not yet strong enough to respond with love so I must use discernment to move away yet I actually hope one day i will be able to give that harsh person a hug as surely they are suffering or would not be harsh. For now, i must admit I am too vulnerable for that yet one day...

and on another topic I want to fess up to something else cause this is a big one for me to accept. This is where I get caught over and over- my need to be a bloody saint- so here’s what I do- I judge myself and others for being judgmental; I make myself and others wrong for being wrong- such a bloody trap. Then it cycles endlessly. Jenn you are so right on- if I don’t allow the energy of anger, grief, sadness, rage to have it’s way with me; I just store it and it leaks out. Grief and sadness are so EASY for me- 4 on the enneagram- but RAGE- with a father who always raged- no way. So I store it and it leaks out as a sanctimonious, holier than thou projection. And just in case you are wondering, in this moment, I have no judgment of that- just observing and releasing. I also have to say, having worked with projections for about 17 years, man those sneaky little buggers sure can shape shift and hide themselves, trying to look like the truth."

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